Wayne Lear CFP, SSA - 
Chief Wealth Strategist

As a trusted advisor in the Wealth Strategy business it is critical to have strategic partners who are aligned with similar values, ethics and has their primary motive of putting client interests first.  Sharryn Huggett demonstrates all those qualities and it is therefore with no hesitation that I refer my clients to her for residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements.

Sharryn’s depth and breadth of knowledge in regards the structuring of mortgages is second to none. She thinks of things less experienced do not. Sharryn has saved my clients thousands of dollars in the proper restructure of their loans and for that I am truly grateful. I highly recommend her for any mortgage funding issues you may have.

Andrew and Diana Stewart - Director & CEO

Andrew & I first met Sharryn in 2007, we were full of hopes & dreams, Sharryn took this information & turned it into a reality, our business has been running with its highs & lows for over 10 years, Sharryn’s been there the whole way, Sharryn’s background wealth of knowledge & experience in business has assisted us in keeping on track, Sharryn’s calm, steadfast approach, availability & analytical expertise has seen us weather through some stormy times, our portfolio has grown past our original expectations, we’re honoured to show our appreciation in writing to allow others the same opportunity as we’ve had.

To you Sharryn, your fantastic listening skills paid off & for all of the above, we thank you! For going above & beyond, for being there every step of the way, for having patience with us, we’re looking forward to many more great years ahead with you by our side.

Sandy and Walter McIntyre - Business Manager

The best thing we ever did was make a phone call to Huggett Enterprises after we received a fantastic referral. Since that call 6 months ago, Sharryn has assisted us with refinancing our home mortgage which improved our finanical standing immensely, as well as chattel mortgage's for our company vehicles. Sharryn was able to see what our ultimate goals were and establish a plan of action within an appropriate time frame for which we can achievebly meet.

No longer do we have excessive repayments, but moreso, we feel like we have gained extensive experience and knowledge in what Sharryn has to offer, and how she is willing to share and work for and with us.

Jen and Chris Keen 

I have been a client of Sharryn's for 14 years. She helped me purchase my first home at the age of 23 in 2002, then 3 more properties in the following years. She also facilitated the lease on equipment for our cleaning business. We recently refinanced our mortgages and again Sharryn did an amazing job.

Her industry knowledge is second to none, and Sharryn has always made herself available to me, day or night, for advice. After 14 years I trust Sharryn explicitly and have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone.

Anita Dutney

I have known Sharryn Huggett for about 15 years when I was first introduced to her by a real estate agent. My husband and I were looking at buying an investment property and we went to our local bank manager who suggested we purchase one property. We then met with Sharryn who sat down with us and discussed our plans for our future and she suggested we purchase two investment properties.

This was after she diligently went through our finances with us to give us the confidence that we could actually afford two properties. This was quite a scary adventure for us as this was pushing us outside our comfort levels, but it was the best thing we have ever done! Two more properties later, we feel are in a good place for our retirement and if it wasn’t for Sharryn we would probably still be sitting with the one property the bank suggested we purchase.

Sharryn has also been there to help our friends and children.

Karen Broadhurst

Sharryn has been amazing, we were using another broker who told us we couldn't borrow any more money to purchase another investment property. I called Sharryn, as she was recommended to me and she was able to get another $600,000. We have a very complicated portfolio as it involves family members and all our properties were intertwined, Sharryn was able to separate our loans and we had cash left over.

She advised us through the whole process and held our hands on many occasions. Sharryn is professional all the way however she is a friend as well. Sharryn also keeps you on track and doesn’t forget you as many other brokers do. I have recommended Sharryn to friends who have also recommended her to others.

Michelle Carraro

I was recommended to Sharryn for her mortgage broking services in the middle of a very stressful period buying and selling our home/s. We had already been rejected by one bank for our refinance. Sharryn calmly took on our case, and together we had the paperwork and application done in days. Sharryn was meticulous in making sure we had EVERY piece of paper required, thus ensuring a smooth application process.

Her extensive experience in the financial industry was a huge asset, reassuring me and keeping me updated throughout. Sharryn clearly cares for her customers and takes a genuine interest in the outcome. Thanks to Sharryn, we got approval for our loans and were able to secure our dream home. She remains our broker, and she has been advising me on other areas of our financial life, which has been fantastic.

I can't recommend her highly enough and have already referred her to friends and family. I will be forever grateful we found her when we did and she obtained the outcome for us we desperately wanted, our beautiful new family home.

Karam Singh BEcon, DipFP - Wealth Strategist

Sharryn is an outstanding broker who is always ready to listen and assist clients in delivering the best possible outcome, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. She is able to simplify the most complex process around broking and able to explain with much ease the rationale behind every decision.

We like the independence that Sharryn provide in her advice given that she is not linked to any particular financial institution thus allowing her to always act in the best interest of the client. All of our clients which we have referred to Sharryn have the highest level of praise and commendation for her outstanding work.

Maritta Heiler

Sharryn Huggett was really helpful! From our first meeting she was asking about mine and my husband's short and long term goals. As we are trying to grow our retirement portfolio and have limited work years ahead of us, I explained that we wanted to maximize opportunities towards growth with a view to generating income in the future. Sharryn took me through a few different loans, interest rates etc. and showed me, with our budget, how we could rearrange our loans to suit our needs exactly. Jeff and I were blown away! We didn't think it was possible.

Sharryn explained in 'our language' a lot of things that another broker wouldn't have taken the time to do. It is difficult, in this day and age, to get into a bank to organise a mortgage but Sharryn really took the stress out by fitting in with our busy schedule. We found Sharryn to be punctual, pleasant, polite and professional. With a sound knowledge of products and services, listening and considering our needs, Sharryn was able to give prompt precise information. Being adaptable and flexible with our various financial scenarios, Sharryn's suggestions and additional information assisted our understanding of what is required to remain in the property market.

Sharryn prides herself in being totally honest when guiding her clients. She made a point of not telling me what I wanted to hear, but rather the facts. We will definitely remember Sharryn next time we are looking at any form of loan. Plus I will be passing on her details to anyone that is looking for a new loan.

Vicki Vince

I approached Sharryn Huggett to assist us with refinancing our mortgage and possibility of a loan for our son to purchase an investment property. Her friendly manner, knowledge and professional advice made the process very simple. Sharryn stayed in contact with us from start to finish and remains in contact should we need any further advice after the loans were settled. Sharryn has given invaluable financial advice about seeking a loan to our children for purchasing their first homes and starting up a business.  I can't speak highly enough of Sharryn Huggett and would recommend Huggett Enterprises to anyone seeking a Finance Broker.